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                    2004 - 2006 GTO Fiberglass Decklid and 2004 - 2006 GTO Carbon Fiber Decklid


Available in pin-on version only.  See approximate weights in pricing.  OEM weighs approximately 40lbs  including its hinges (not including factory wing). JCR is identical to the factory decklid except it is one piece (the tag panel is not removable). The tag lights are filled in, but can be easily cut out for those who need tag lights.  Available in lightweight black gelcoated fiberglass, clear carbon fiber, and primered carbon fiber. There is also a $50.00 box fee if we are shipping them. NOT AVAILABLE IN  CF AT THIS TIME 

 We also have a "smoothed/filled" decklid without the license plate area for the same price.  We have a glue in adapter that can convert both decklids to a 2 piece, where the rear of decklid mounts to body and only the top section is removable. Greatly facilitates wing/chute fab/mounting. Adapter is  $100 loose in box 

                                                                                     NOT FOR STREET USE


Lightweight Fiberglass   -    $550.00      plus shipping - weight aprox 10lbs

Clear Carbon Fiber          -    NA    plus shipping  - weight aprox 5lbs

Primered Carbon Fiber   -     NA    plus shipping   - weight aprox 5lbs

Click pics for larger view and more pics

2004 - 2006 GTO Fiberglass and carbon fiber parts


                                                        2004 - 2006 GTO Fiberglass Doors and 2004 - 2006 GTO Carbon fiber doors


   See approximate weights in pricing. The doors are made to use lexan only. The OEM door handle and latch can be reused, or race style handle(s) and latches can be used as shown in some pics. They are not intended for use with the OEM interior trim panel. They require fabricated hinges, not included. We have a set of chrome moly hinges to make them removable as an option. Our laser cut hinge kit is fixture welded, and mounted/aligned to the door here at JCR. The JCR hinge kit allows for quick removal by pulling the quick-release pins and sliding door off. The OEM doors can be reinstalled using our hinge pins for street driving, and swapped back to our doors quickly and easily on race day. Minor adjustments to door alignment may be necessary, but door will mount and close as delivered if hinge option is selected after you install your latch/handle. As shown in the pics, the door panel area is molded into the door, and can be covered with flat sheet alum or c/f (not included). The raised section at top is for the lexan window hardware (not included) to attach to and give everything a clean appearance. The OEM doors weigh approximately 120lbs each complete. Approximate weight savings 200lbs total. Price is for bare door only w/o window, hardware ect.  There is an additional $50.00 box fee (per pair) if we are shipping them. NOT AVAILABLE IN  CF AT THIS TIME

                                                                                      NOT FOR STREET USE


Lightweight fiberglass: $1800.00   per set, plus shipping.  Weight aprox 12lbs each

Primered carbon fiber: NA, plus shipping.  Weight aprox 6lbs each

Set of OEM compatible chrome moly removable door hinges with quick release pins inc (pins are a $80.00 value) $300.00 - one set does both doors

Click pics for larger view and more pics

2004 2006 GTO Fiberglass Front End and 2004 - 2006 GTO Carbon Fiber Front End

The frt end features a lowered frt airdam with drag race style splitter built in (can be sized/trimmed to suit or be removed), has built in ledge for flush mounting pin on hoods, grilles filled in/smoothed for increased aero/ET (customer can trim out the lights/grilles if so desired) , wheelwell inner lip can be trimmed to OEM dimensions or left extended a couple inches wider to help keep air out of the eng compartment for better aero/ET. The frt end will be available in lightweight advanced fiberglass (weighing in at aprox 20bs and in true infused carbon fiber, weighing in at about 10lbs. The frt end is built to accept a pin on hood (not inc).  There will be a $350.00 crate fee for front ends if we are shipping them. Other parts may be combined in crate.     ALSO SEE "JCR PRODUCT INFORMATION VIDEOS" FOR MORE INFO

 **We have an outlaw style frt that is stretched 1.5 ahead of frt wheel, and 2" between wheel and door. Can be trimmed for OEM wheelbase. Gives substantial amount of extra room for turbo/blower mounting!    Same price!



Lightweight Fiberglass $2200.00 plus shipping

Carbon fiber PRICE: NA

Click on pics for larger view 


NOTE: JCR fiberglass parts are hand laid, black gelcoated (unless otherwise specified) and feature high grade resin and sandwich-core technology for strength and lightweight. All our carbon parts are 100% carbon fiber, infused with high grade epoxy, and feature sandwich-core technology for SUPERIOR strength and lightweight. Clear carbon parts are also clear coated w automotive clearcoats for UV protection.                CONTACT us to confirm pallet and crating costs.  SEE THE JCR CHASSISWORKS FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE GTO COMPOSITES NOT SHOWN HERE YET

steelframe cf use.jpg

2004 - 2006 GTO Fiberglass Dash




   JCR Chassisworks one piece fiberglass dash for the new gen GTO. It is designed to dzus in (Dzus not included) but could be bolted in with some customers fabrication. It has black gel coat finish and can be painted to match OEM. It will easily accommodate the Racepak or other common digital dashes or the OEM instrument cluster can be reinstalled if you fab a few tabs to hold it in. The factory switches can be installed as well if you cut out the filled in areas, It weighs aprox 7-8 lbs. which is aprox 35lbs lighter than an OEM cut up/gutted dash with the trim and minimum mounting hardware. There is an additional $50.00 box fee if we are shipping it.  *** we also have a top half dash that is 1/2 the weight and gives extra room for feet/pedals.... SAME PRICE!! 

                                                                           NOT FOR STREET USE

 Price: $650.00  plus shipping  


*** Dash in pics is untouched,right out of mold with black gel coat finish. ***

 Click on pics for larger view

 2004 - 2006 GTO Carbon fiber Roof  and 2004 - 2006 GTO Fiberglass Roof 

JCR Chassisworks 2004-2006 GTO carbon fiber roof panel. It is pure CF infused w Epoxy resin, not a mix of f/g and cf with fiberglass resin as some shops composites are. It is reinforced with core material to be light weight and strong enough for high MPH trap speeds as is typical with any drag race carbon roof panels. The CF roof weighs in at aprox 6.5lbs; the OEM roof panel weighs about 25lbs. More weight (aprox 10lbs) can be removed if you trim out the frt and rear OEM roof supports and fab simple braces/tabs to support the CF roof in a few places, like a composite bodied tube chassis car would be done. This roof, although very light, would probably support a person standing on it once installed. It is stupid strong! While beautiful in its natural state, we didn't build them as a cosmetic part. We intend for them to be wrapped or painted. To run it clear carbon like in pic, you will have to clear coat it with typical automotive clear coat for UV protection after the install. Typical mounting: Drill/cut out spot welds under frt and rear windshields, and under the roof side moldings to remove OEM roof panel. Use auto-body structural Epoxy adhesive to bond to the OEM body structure such as used to adhere composite automotive parts in a body shop. It will in come in natural clear carbon as shown, but you would have to clear-coat it for UV protection if you decide to run it unpainted or not wrapped. This is not intended for a dress up item; it is for a race only weight reduction effort. Def NOT for cars w/o cage or for street use. This part is as strong/proper as a roof on a composite body such as used in the high end tube chassis car.  There is an additional $50.00 box fee if we are shipping it.



Carbon fiber, clear, w no additional UV protection  NA

Carbon fiber primed NA

Lightweight Fiberglass in black gelcoat  $700.00

Click on pics for larger view 

2004 - 2006 GTO  Fiberglass Hood ('04 flat style) and 2004 -2006 GTO Carbon fiber Hood

New gen GTO flat composite PIN ON hood available in lightweight advanced fiberglass and carbon. OEM hood weighs aprox 45lbs bare w no hardware. Not available separate from a front end purchase. NOT AVAILABLE IN  CF AT THIS TIME



Lightweight Fiberglass in black gelcoat finish:          $800 plus shipping. Weight aprox 15lbs

Primered Carbon fiber:                                                  NA plus shipping. Weight aprox 7lbs

Clear Carbon Fiber with clearcoat UV protection:      NA plus shipping. Weight aprox 7lbs



Click on pics for larger view

steelframe cf use.jpg
2004-2006 GTO Carbon Fiber Pro Adjustable Drag Wing
Available in 17" and 14" and in fiberglass

JCR completely formed 17" Carbon pro adjustable wing for the New Gen GTO's. It is high gloss clear carbon fiber with clearcoat UV protection. It is made from pure carbon fiber - no 'glass filler materials - infused with high grade epoxy resin. The 17" comes standard with our pro-series light weight adjustable wing support strut kit and spill plate support/braces made of chrome moly tube and aluminum. Included is the wing assembly hardware in stainless steel, and stainless steel hinge kit. Spill plates are available in our precut design (shown) or oversize blanks that can be trimmed to your personal tastes and requirements. Spill plate (sides) can be easily trimmed/shaped to your tastes as well as trimmed down for custom lengths. Note that 17" and 14" have different sized spill (side) plates.  Be sure to check the pics for captions/additional info. There is an additional $30.00 box fee if we are shipping it. 


  • Our fully formed and contoured wing is the most aero friendly/low drag wing available.

  •  All our wings can be easily trimmed for customers required size and shape.

  • Wicker bill (rear lip) can be trimmed down (shortened) per requirements

  • Our lightweight fiberglass wing is lighter and as strong as the typical aluminum wing



17" clear carbon wing WITH JCR lightweight hardware kit           NA  weight aprox 5lbs 

17" clear carbon wing WITHOUT hardware kit                                NA  weight aprox 2lbs

14" clear carbon wing WITHOUT hardware kit                                NA   weight aprox 2lbs

17" or 14" wing in black gelcoat fiberglass w/o hardware             $650.00   weight aprox 4lbs

Click on pics for larger view - pics are labeled 17" or 14"

2004 - 2006 fiberglass and 2004 -2006 carbon fiber rear bumper coming soon!

***Bumper will have some modifications suitable for drag race applications***

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